How You Can Help


Up until now, we have been independently funding each stage of the production with profit from the previous show, merchandise and crowdfunding, but the cost of getting our show to New York is a different ball game.

Whilst the festival platforms the play, we are required to fund our travel and accommodation, alongside hiring a general manager, insurance and sourcing our set in New York. As we will be working with our British company, auditions, rehearsals in NYC, hiring a director and buying costumes are not costs we will be accruing. Our show is thus one of the cheapest at the festival.

We need to raise almost £50,000 and any contribution would be greatly appreciated.

It is worth noting that if you are a US taxpayer, all funding can be donated directly to the New York Musical Theatre Festival as a fiscal sponsor and then transferred to us, meaning it is tax deductible. The New York Musical Theatre Festival is a registered charity, and thus a certified 501(c)(3) organisation so under the US Internal Revenue Code, it is tax exempt. The link to donate in this manner is here – Fiscal Sponsorship

If you aren’t a US taxpayer, the easiest way to donate is through our Indiegogo page, where there are lots of great rewards available in return for your generosity. Please click here for more information – Indiegogo Crowdfunder

If you donate via Fiscal Sponsorship but would still like a ‘perk’ from the Indiegogo that matches with your amount, please email and we can sort it out!

Thank you so much for reading, and we hope that we’ve sparked an interest in your involvement with BURIED. We are young, ambitious, and have got this far without any industry backing or official representation, we just need a bit of help to push BURIED to this next level.

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